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Jane Tanner - Blogged About Her Run At The Marathon ( October 20th 2010)

It's getting me out of bed....
8:11 p.m. on 20th October 2010
Well the fear is working so far, I have been out of bed and on the road before half 6 twice this week. Bit dark but making the most of it before it gets really cold.
Only short runs but with fast intervals. Knee hasn't totally recovered from GNR so taking it steady.
Also the dreams have started already. On Monday night I dreamt that I was at the start in converse trainers with no socks. :-)

Toenail nearly off!
11:16 p.m. on 28th October 2010
The toenail that went black after the GNR is about to fall off. Felt very strange when I went swimming a few days ago..... :-) Yuk!
Only been out once this week so far. But will try and get out tomorrow after hopefully getting Take That tickets - how sad am I?!!!!
At the in laws so will try a new route. Climbed a hill in North Wales today though and knees a bit sore when just nipped upstairs to check kids. My poor knees don't know what is going to hit them!!

59 miles since last Sunday....madness!!
9:22 p.m. on 27th March 2011
I've just realised if you include last Sunday's long run, I've run 59 miles in 8 days!! That is almost the equivalent of running to Bristol! Madness!!!
No wonder today's run was a real effort. I am so glad it is time to taper as I am not sure how much longer I can keep up the will power for these long runs. Or how long the body will hold up!
Ridiculously today was much harder than last week, although last week I had gone to bed at 2am after my friend's 40th and even had one sneaky drink, first in ages! So I now know
what I need to do on the 16th for my pre marathon night plan....none of this going to bed early malarkey! :-) !
Now the long runs are done, fundraising will start with avengeance. I have got a few fundraising events organised for the next few weeks so hopefully I can still reach my target. Thank you to everyone who has already sponsored me.
P.S. Please help with another cause very close to my heart and sign this if you can. It really could make a big difference.

The final de der der....!!
7:50 p.m. on 10th April 2011
In the words of is the final countdown!
This time next week I will be 40 and have run a marathon! (Note the positive thinking!)
Have found the fundraising really hard, probably harder than the training. I hate asking people for money but everyone has been so generous and the target is in sight!
Did the final long one today (yay!) and not thinking about the fact my foot throbs after about 7 miles. Just keep telling myself it is mind over matter but wondering if drugs would help the mind along. :-)
Very excited I'm sure are all my friends by the fact I will soon no longer be a running bore. I'll have to find something else to bore them with.....but at least I can do it after drinking a few beers!!! Which is another thing I will be doing this time next week..... :-)

loadsa love Fi, Dave, Lily and SW xxxx £40.00 (+ £10.00 giftaid)
13.04.11 may the wind be on your back, the sun on your face ... and the lure of all the wine you will deserve to drink afterwards on your mind! Good luck ..all very proud!

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