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Jane Tanner :Summary Of Second Statement Of Jane Michelle Tanner (1 6/41/971)

Processos Vol XV

Pages 3992 – 3995

(In English, amongst the documentation presented to LP regarding Gail Cooper’s sighting)

Summary of second statement of Jane Michelle Tanner (1 6/41/971)

Known partner Russell O’Brien for 10-11 years. Russell is a work colleague of Gerald McCann. Daughters E*** and E****. E*** is 3 years old and played in creche with Madeleine.

Recent travel

November/December 2006 – 6 weeks in Australia with Russell and 2 children.

Date? Germany visiting B*** D****, colleague of Russell’s.

May 2005 – Greece Mark Warner resort.
Italy 2003 – wedding of Payne’s.

Jane Tanner has been in Portugal 3 times. Twice on holiday and once for a week (Fisher Scientific Leicester).

Fiona and David Payne were originators of idea to holiday in Portugal, brought together the 4 couples.

Jane Tanner and Russell O’Brien flew from Gatwick on 28/4 together with Matthew Oldfield and Rachel Mampilly and children.

Mark Warner provided bus transport to resort. Apartments allocated by Mark Warner. Saturday 28/4.

Dinner at the Millenium resort. Decided to have dinner for other nights at Tapas bar as closer to the apartments. Initially reserved at Tapas bar each day, subsequently advised that they would reserve for each night at 20.30.

Never went into McCann apartment or apartments of other couples. Only listened from outside, at window.

Remembers only seeing McCanns shutters fully closed.

Jane would not habitually leave her daughters alone, even checking them regularly.

Only agreed as other couples were happy to do it. But always locked doors and closed shutters of her apartment.

As days passed the couples became confident with each other and allowed other parents in the group to check on their children regularly.

Did not rent car.

Monday 30/4

Met a couple they know from Exeter, who were in the same resort (Praia da Luz or Ocean Club?) who had rented a car. Named as Jim and Charlotte Gorrod and 20 month old child.
Wednesday 2/5

9.00 Tennis lesson by tennis coach with Kate.

Kids Club (E*** & Madeleine plus 4 other children also had a tennis lesson. Responsible Cat and Georgina. Jane Tanner and Kate watched kids lesson on tennis court, but left before finish.

Jane went to beach. Met Paynes. Also met Rob (husband of Ornya) staying at resort. Rob keen surfer. Believes from London. Jane went sailing.
Russel stayed in apartment as Evie ws feeling sick.

After lunch, Russell took E*** to Kids Club, then went for canoeing lesson.
Jane stayed in apartment with E***. Then took E*** to play area by pool.

Teat time for children. Met Kate and Gerry.

Played with adults and children on tennis courts.

Women went to apartment with children. Men played more tennis.

Russell O’Brien went to Tapas for dinner. JT stayed in apartment with E*** who wouldn’t sleep .E*** asleep. JT to Tapas.

All adults at Tapas except Rachel Mampilly, who was feeling unwell.
Her husband was at the Tapas.
Paynes arrived late, as usual.

Asked if they had heard if one of McCann twins had cried that night, JT replied “No”.
Kate Healy had mentioned the following night at dinner (3/5) that Madeleine had asked her that morning (3/5) why she (Kate) had not come to her room when one of the twins cried.

Adults had drinks after dinner and returned to apartment.

Thursday 3/5

Confirmed that this was the first day they took their children to the beach. Met up with other adults and children except McCanns, who had tennis lessons.

Around 17.15 JT saw Kate Healy jogging along beach. Waved back. Russell O’Brien, Matthew Oldfield and David Payne left beach before others, to play tennis.
Gerry McCann would join them.
Other adults and children return from beach to the Ocean Club.

18.20 hours chatted with men on tennis court. Presumed Kate Healy was with their children in the apartment.

19.00 hours. Adults and children went to apartments.

JT’s daughter E*** was sick Russell O’ Brien took turns to stay with E***.
JT went to Tapas restaurant at 20.30 hours.

McCanns were there when JT arrived.

Russell O’Brien arrived at Tapas restaurant as E*** was asleep, this was around 21.00 hours.
The Paynes were late again.

Matthew Oldfield left the restaurant to chase up with the Paynes. But met on the way at 21.00.
Matthew Oldfield took the opportunity to go and check on the children in the apartment.

Gerald McCann got up to check on the children at 21.10.

JT left the restaurant 5 to 10 minutes later to check on her own daughters.
On way to the apartment noticed Gerry McCann chatting with Jez whom he had met playing tennis.
JT did not speak with either of them.
 One was on the pavement and the other on the road.
Jez was pushing a baby stroller.
JT knew Jez had a young child.
JT took normal route to her apartment all doors to apartment locked.
JT said she did not look to see how the windows and shutters were of the McCanns apartment.
Could not state if open or closed.
 JT returned to Tapas restaurant after checking Gerry McCann already back at table.

After 15 to 20 minutes Russell O’Brien and Matthew Oldfield left table together to check Russell O’Brien found E*** crying and stayed with her.
Matthew Oldfield checked on own children and McCanns children.
Matthew Oldfield said he saw twins but not Madeleine but didn’t enter the bedroom.
Heard nothing and returned to the table.
Matthew Oldfield told JT that Russell O’Brien had stayed in apartment.

JT ate quickly left the table and went back to the apartment.
Russell O’Brien returned to Tapas restaurant some time later.
Looked from apartment window to Tapas restaurant and saw that no one from group were there. Was surprised by this, then hears Kate Healy and Fiona Payne in front of apartment calling out for Madeleine.
When JT saw Kate Healy she said Madeleine had disappeared.
JT stayed in apartment due to E*** being asleep E*** waked but did not go to McCanns apartment.

JT convinced that the man she saw carrying a child was involved in the disappearance of Madeleine.
11.20 (sic) hours that means that Matthew Oldfield went to check on McCanns, Madeleine was probably not in the bedroom.
JT believes Matthew Oldfield did not see this therefore didn’t go fully into the bedroom.
Asked why Matthew Oldfield did not do his usual “sound check” from outside the windows of McCanns apartment, JT believes he went into their apartment this time therefore he had assured the McCanns he would check inside this time.
 In order to do this, Matthew Oldfield went along the pavement outside the building, to the main entrance to the apartment. Went into his apartment, checked, came out, returned along pavement until he came to rear entrance of McCanns apartment, went up their stairs and entered by sliding glass door.
But JT insists they ask Matthew Oldfield.
JT was confronted by information that the police technical team could find no indication that Madeleine had passed the junction where she indicated that a man had been carrying a girl in his arms.
JT stood by her original statement.
At the time she gave little importance to seeing this therefore common sight at Ocean Club.
But she did think it was strange that the child has a blanket/sheet to cover it.
 Also that the man was walking quickly.
His trousers were slightly baggy all the way down.
Trousers were khaki, chino style. His coat/jacket was the same colour anorak style.
Shoes were slightly heeled.
The child was in the man’s arms, with her legs in JT’s directions, and not wearing shoes. JT believed it was a girl therefore her pyjamas were light coloured (pink). She did not see the colour of her hair.
She did not see her move or make a sound.
She believed she was asleep.

Subsequently she had us doubt it was Madeleine.
This was after she had spoken with Fiona Payne who had described Madeleine’s pyjamas.
Asked why she did not tell Kate Healy that night about this sighting, JT said she always avoided mentioning it to the McCanns therefore she didn’t want to increase their suffering.
Asked who has made first booking at Tapas restaurant (May 1st she believes) there were 2 couples possibly English who were at dinner.
One of the Mark Warner staff commented that she had never seen them before and they left before the end of the "Quiz" tournament.

Asked who had made the first booking at Tapas, JT did not know. Also doesn’t know anyone by the name of “Irwin” and no one of this name having dinner with them.
Apart from Jane, only Matthew Oldfield was sick and he missed dinner on Sunday.

JT also mentioned that the Paynes had a radio monitoring system. So they did not have to leave the table to check their children.